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Jeju Island, South Korea

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Jeju Island, a province isolated in the middle of the ocean, south of Busan, is a real hidden gem of South Korea. Frequented often by locals and foreigners looking for a local vacation, Jeju is seriously the place to go[…]

A Burning Man in Korea

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When it first came to my attention that there was a Burning Man event in Korea, I shrugged the notion off like any other seemingly cheap knock-off enterprise. Surely, I thought, this is a phony event designed to con westerners out of their money. Of course, it might look legitimate, but in the back of my mind I was certain that this would be nothing more than an elaborate fake. Having read a small library’s worth of material about the Burning Man back in the states, my earnest desire to be a part of the experience made me arrogant in my ignorance about (…)