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The Hub of Asia Medical Tourism,
Medi-City Daegu!

With 5 university medical schools, 12 general hospitals and more than 7,500 specialist doctors, we provide high-quality Western and Traditional medical services to you using the most advanced medical technology and high quality medical skills.

The quality of hair transplant is the best in the world and we provide high quality health screening services, along with plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, dental implants and dental whitening. This is why every year there are many foreign medical tourists who come to receive medical services. Daegu also has the Daegu Yakryeongsi Herb Medicine Festival (the first Korean herb medicine market in Korea, which was established in year 1652) with a history of 350 years, as well as University Traditional Medical School to provide the best traditional medical service.

Daegu is well-suited as an international city.
It is easily accessible from America, Europe and all cities in Asia.