Chuseok Jeju Island 6 Day Getaway 2017

  • Date:2017-10-03
  • Location:Jeju Island
  • Venue:Chuseok Jeju Island 6 Day Getaway 2017
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Take advantage of the extended Chuseok holiday, and travel down to Korea’s Hawaii, Jeju Island.

This is a hassle free, fun way to experience Korea’s top holiday destination.

There’s so much to see and do; Soothe on the beautiful white sandy beaches and swim in the crystal clear blue waters, climb the extinct Halla Volcano (South Korea’s highest peak), visit Jeju’s beautiful waterfalls, explore the volcanic craters, see the famous deep sea diving women of Jeju (Haenyo), and visit the world’s kinkiest theme park Loveland. When your day of exploration is over relax in the hotel’s pool or party in downtown Jeju.


Round trip bus from your departure city of choice to the ferry terminal. Departing from: Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon & Changwon.

High speed ferry (only 2.5 hours) with your own allocated seat. Our ferry has cafes, restaurants, and outside deck areas to make your journey to the island lots of fun.

5 nights in a great hotel with pool & poolside bar, every room has a balcony with sea and pool views. An all-you-can-eat western buffet breakfast is served each morning. The picture of the pool is your actual room view.

Private tour of the island each day. We know all the best spots to go, so you don’t waste any time. We have privately reserved buses so no need to wait for public transport.


Loveland, Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls, Halla Mountain, Manjung Gul Lava Caves, Seongsan Volcanic Crater, the Haenyo Diving Women, and of course the top beaches that Jeju has to offer. (If there are other attractions you would like to visit out with our itinerary we can assist with reservations and travel arrangements. Just let us know in advance.)

In the evenings you can have great nights by the hotel’s pool and fire pit where you can meet everyone from the different departure cities. We have options to explore the lively downtown area of Jeju, and we’ll also go to the famous Monkey Beach Bar which is like a playground for adults.


Our hotel is a definite upgrade from the usual motels and pensions on offer. The rooms are very spacious and have a balcony with sea and pool views. The ondol (traditional Korean sleeping style) is very high quality with thick pads so is comfortable. They are also equipped with a basic kitchen. A western style breakfast is served each morning. The hotel has a large pool with poolside bar and restaurant serving fish & chips, traditional Korean BBQ, and various other options. There is also a mart on site with the usual offerings. There are lots of poolside picnic tables and also a fire pit where we can have a bonfire each night. The hotel is also less than a 1 minute walk to the sea.

The prices for this great trip are amazing value at only:
Busan – 466,000krw
Changwon – 467,000krw
Daegu – 468,000krw
Daejeon -SOLD OUT! (taking names for the wait list)
Seoul – SOLD OUT! (taking names for the wait list)

*You can also put down a minimum deposit of 100,000 won to secure your place on the trip. The balance needs to be paid by September 10th.*

Space are limited, and this trip always sells out, usually months in advance, so get involved early!

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Chuseok Jeju Island 6 Day Getaway 2017

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To reserve your spot transfer funds to the account below and visit our website to register.



These prices cover everything in this trip from private bus transport to ferry terminal, round-trip high speed ferry, 5 nights in a great hotel with a beautiful pool, a western buffet breakfast each morning and private tours of the island each day, and of course Enjoy Korea’s expert organization meaning all you need to do is turn up, relax and enjoy yourself.

These prices are based on your group sharing either a 4 person room, or an 8 person suite, if your group doesn’t fit a room exactly we can room you with other groups. Private rooms for smaller groups or individuals, are available on request.


– No transferring spots
– Cancel 1 month before the trip – 100% refund (5,000w admin charge)
– Cancel 2 weeks before the trip – 50% refund
– Cancel 2 weeks or less before the departure date – No refunds can be issued, sorry.

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We do our absolute best to adhere to the itinerary and schedule stated. However, there may be factors outside of our control such as busy traffic or unforeseen circumstances with third party companies, which may force us to alter our schedule slightly.

Enjoy Korea is not liable in any way for any injuries, damage or loss suffered during the trip. You are all adults and are responsible for your own safety. All activities are suggested and not compulsory, you have the right to not participate in any activity.


As with all Enjoy Korea trips the emphasis is on you doing the things you want to do, this is simply what we recommend, if you’d rather go off and do your own thing on one of the days or just chill in the hotel that’s up to you, just please let your bus leader know in advance.


Departure Info:
Time: Meet at 1.20am, depart at 1.30am
Place: Deokcheon subway station, Exit 9.

Time: Meet at 1.50am, depart at 2am.
Place: Changwon Bus Terminal

Time: Meet at 1.05am, depart at 1.15am.
Place: In front of the Dong A shopping centre, Banwoldang Exit 17.
(If you take a taxi, please don’t ask for Dong A shopping as there are two in Daegu and people have been taken to the wrong one in the past.)

Time: Meet at 1.35am, depart at 1.45am.
Place: Yuseong Spa Subway, Exit 5

Time: Meet at 11.20pm, depart at 11.30pm ( Monday 2nd)
Place: Seoul National University of Education subway station, Exit 1 (Line 2&3)

When we get into Jeju we’ll board our island buses and head straight to our hotel for breakfast and check-in. The rest of the day is yours, it can be spent relaxing in the beautiful pool, or you can explore the local area. The stunning Hyupjae beach is withon walking distance and Gwakji beach is just a short bus ride, and we’ll have shuttles running there and back during the day. In the evening we can hang out by the poolside bar and restaurant, where you can order dinner, chill by the fire pit and listen to some tunes. There are also local restaurants which deliver to the hotel, and the small village of Hyupjae has a few restaurants you can check out if you’d rather.


– Breakfast is served in the hotel’s restaurant from 7am to 9am. This is included in the price.
– At 9.30am we’ll leave to go to the Sanbanggulsa Temple which has a huge gold Buddha, there’s alaso a coastal path with an old pirate ship.
– After the buddha, we’ll visit the waterfalls at Cheonjiyeon. There are 3 in total, the first only flows during heavy rains.
– After visiting these waterfalls we’ll make the short journey to Jungmun beach. If you’re not interested in chilling at the beach all day there is a tourist area nearby with several interesting and random museums including a Chocolate museum, teddy bear museum, ‘Ripley’s believe it or not’, and an African safari themed museum.
– For those wanting to shower/get dinner back at the hotel before Monkey Beach Bar. We’ll run a bus back to the Hotel at 5pm. This will get you back to the hotel at 5.45pm, we’ll then depart for Monkey Beach at 7.45pm. These buses will depart from the beach car park.
– For those that don’t go back to the hotel, there are several restaurants in the museum area just above the beach, or an ‘all you can eat’ buffet restaurant on the beach. For those not wanting to go to Monkey Beach Bar and want to head back to the hotel, we’ll have buses making that journey too.
– The buses will leave Monkey Beach at 11.20pm, if however you’d like to stay longer you can take a taxi back to the hotel for about 30,000 (only 7,500 each if you have a group of 4)


– After the antics at Monkey beach we’ll have a much deserved lie in. Today is a chill day in the morning and early afternoon. You can choose to take one of our shuttle buses to a nearby beach, lay by the pool, or go off on your own and explore Jeju.
– At 2.45pm we’ll depart the hotel for Loveland, we’ll make pick-ups at the beach as well for those that are already there. After Loveland we’ll make a drop off down town before heading back to the hotel.


– Breakfast is served in the hotel from 7.30am to 9.30am. This is included in the price.
– We’ll leave the hotel at 10am to explore the volcanic crater Seongsan Ilchulbong. On the lower paths of Seongsan Ilchulbong you will also get to see the famous diving women of Jeju (Haenyo). The women dive at 1.30pm.
– Next we’ll go to the underground lava caves at Manjung Gul. The caves are pretty chilly so bring a sweater.
– After the caves we’ll head back to the hotel. We can also make a drop-off downtown before we head back to the hotel. For everyone else, back at the hotel is the last stop of the day, so the evening is yours to do as you please.


Today you have two options:
1) Have an early start and climb Halla Mountain
2) Have a later start, and chill on the beach

Option 1
– Breakfast will be served from 6.30am. This is included in the price.
– The Halla hike takes about 6 hours. So, for those interested we’ll be leaving the hotel at 7.30am. It’s about an hours drive to the bottom of the mountain. The hike is split into check points and you must reach each check point by a certain time to be allowed to continue. It’s also essential that you stick to the correct route as some routes are designed for highly experienced climbers.
– As everyone will finish the hike at different times, we don’t run a shuttle service back to the hotel, so you can choose what you want to do afterwards. If you finish after that time you can take a public bus or taxi to join the rest of the group on Hyupjae beach, head back to the hotel, or visit some of Jeju’s other sites.

Option 2
– Breakfast is served until 10am. This is included in the price.
– We’ll depart the hotel at 11am and head to another of Jeju’s top beaches, Hyupjae, for a proper soother. Relax and unwind before heading back home. There are a number of restaurants and marts in the area. We’ll be running a few shuttles to this beach during the day, it is also within walking distance.
– In the evening for those that want to, we’ll have a shuttle going into downtown Jeju-si. The City Hall area has a few good expat bars as well as the usual Korean options. We won’t be running a bus service back as the bus drivers won’t work past 12am, however you can take a taxi back to the hotel whenever you want. A taxi costs approximately 25,000. (Travel back in a group to spread out the cost). If you’d prefer to stay around the hotel in the evening then that’s obviously ok as well.


– We’ll depart the hotel for the ferry terminal at 6.30am. PLEASE be on time, and meet on the buses for 6.25am. Breakfast will be served before we depart.
– The ferry departs Jeju at 8.30am getting us to the mainland around 11:20am. From here we will directly depart on our mainland buses for our home cities.
– We’ll stop at a service station for lunch en route.
– We aim to be back in and Busan & Daejeon by 3pm, Changwon by 2.15pm, Daegu by 3.30pm and Seoul by 4.30pm.

PLEASE NOTE – These times and itinerary are subject to change, please pay particular attention to the finalized trip itinerary which will be e-mailed to you 2 weeks prior to the trip.