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Jeju Island, South Korea

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Jeju Island, a province isolated in the middle of the ocean, south of Busan, is a real hidden gem of South Korea. Frequented often by locals and foreigners looking for a local vacation, Jeju is seriously the place to go if you want to get away without leaving Korea. Jeju offers a cheap alternative to the pricy overseas vacations at just a fraction of the cost, without the cost of hefty air fare without the stress of being ripped off by greedy street vendors, giving you more bang for your buck. Jeju is definitely an all round winning vacation destination in Korea.

“..a real hidden gem of South Korea.”

I visited Jeju for the Chuseok holiday in 2013 with Enjoy Korea. I have been on a handful of trips with Enjoy Korea in the past but Jeju by far rocked my socks off and still is a vivid memory in my Korean memory bank. I was quite honestly blown away by the natural beauty that makes up Jeju Island. Enjoy Korea planned a five day trip for us that allowed us to see a good amount of the touristy things and took us to a few beaches to chill out at.

Being a sea locked province, you have a choice of more than twenty fantastic beaches to spend your days lazing at, swimming and catching a tan. My favorite beach in Korea happens to be located in Jeju. Hyeopjae Beach totally blew my expectations of Korean beaches right out of the water. Think of the blue-green waters of Thailand, mixed with black volcanic rock, a tiny 200m sand bank and shallow water perfect for swimming. It’s no wonder all you could see for a good few meters on the volcanic rock blocking my gorgeous view of the island in the distance were Korean families and couples posing for over a dozen selfies.

“Think of the blue-green waters of Thailand, mixed with black volcanic rock, a tiny 200m sand bank and shallow water perfect for swimming.”

If the beach scene however isn’t your thing there are more than a dozen amazing places and things to do that will equally leave you feeling in awe of the natural Jeju beauty. The Manjanggul Lava Tube which is UNESCO World Heritage site, Mount Halla, waterfall hikes, love land, the chocolate museum and Samnbanggulsa Temple are just a few of the awesome things I was able to do on my trip to Jeju!

Of all the beautiful countries and places I have seen to date, Jeju still rates high up on my travel list. If you haven’t been here yet, get yourself to Jeju before this summer is over!

Hope to see you all there!

Written by Rafiqua Israel

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