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Hit the Slopes!

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For those of us nature junkies, climbing fiends, frisbee freaks, camping cats, and any other lovers of all things active beneath the big blue of Korea’s sky, winter can be, understandably, somewhat of a challenge! Whilst there is definitely a time and a place for epic, spiced rum fuelled movie marathons, and working on that piece of writing which no-one but the weirdest of psychotics would publish, it’s not going to be long before cabin fever takes a syphilitic hold of your mind […]

Jeju Island, South Korea

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Jeju Island, a province isolated in the middle of the ocean, south of Busan, is a real hidden gem of South Korea. Frequented often by locals and foreigners looking for a local vacation, Jeju is seriously the place to go[…]

A Burning Man in Korea

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When it first came to my attention that there was a Burning Man event in Korea, I shrugged the notion off like any other seemingly cheap knock-off enterprise. Surely, I thought, this is a phony event designed to con westerners out of their money. Of course, it might look legitimate, but in the back of my mind I was certain that this would be nothing more than an elaborate fake. Having read a small library’s worth of material about the Burning Man back in the states, my earnest desire to be a part of the experience made me arrogant in my ignorance about (…)