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I saw North Korea… No, Really.

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I went to the DMZ last year with a tour group and it was pretty amazing. If you don’t know what the DMZ is, allow me to explain: DMZ stands for the “Demilitarized Zone.” This is the literal, heavily-guarded line[…]

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Hit the Slopes!

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For those of us nature junkies, climbing fiends, frisbee freaks, camping cats, and any other lovers of all things active beneath the big blue of Korea’s sky, winter can be, understandably, somewhat of a challenge! Whilst there is definitely a time and a place for epic, spiced rum fuelled movie marathons, and working on that piece of writing which no-one but the weirdest of psychotics would publish, it’s not going to be long before cabin fever takes a syphilitic hold of your mind […]


Cherry Blossom Festival

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After a long, cold winter, there is nothing more joyous than witnessing the first buds flowering on the many cherry blossom trees scattered across the country. Not only is it a beautiful sight, but it also means that spring has[…]